volunteer spotlight

We Can’t Do It Without You!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of MMCM. It is through the skill and generosity of our volunteers that we are able to provide a fun learning environment for the children of the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Volunteering MomentsKaren Constan

“I love to get more out of this than I even give! Any volunteer activity takes energy – but when I volunteer here, I leave feeling energized, enriched and happy. It’s like visiting Disney World right here!”

-Karen Constan , Volunteer Educator

“I enjoy being here! Whether the children are at the museum with families or on a school sponsored field trip, it is a great environment for learning and also to have a wonderful time!”Beth Kersh and Marilyn Chappell

-Beth Kersh, Volunteer Educator



 “I enjoy helping and watching the children explore and discover the museum!”

-Marilyn Chappell



“I enjoy helping children solve problems and the calibration (note – should this be Ketterian Pricecollaboration?) of families playing together. Volunteering gives me the experience towards my future goal as a family counselor.”

-Ketterian Price, B.V.H.S. Student



“I love to see the children’s smiles!”

Melissa Grant

 -Melissa Grant

Volunteer Spotlight


January 2016 – Tim Grueber

February 2016 – Grace Lutenske

March 2016 – Tim Peterson

April 2016 – All Volunteers

May 2016 – Nancy Kaufman

June 2016 – Khizar Saeed

July 2016 – Tammi Skellenger

August 2016 – Demonqueion ”D” Liddell

September 2016 – Aleesha Hannahs


December 2015 – Anne Flegenheimer

November 2015 – Carol Emrich

October 2015 – Tiara Sisson

September 2015 – Jackie Hedrick

August 2015 – Kirsti Lega, Docent

July 2015 – Mike Colucci, Founding MMCM Member, Exhibit Repair Manager

June 2015 – Michelle Ross, Junior Docent

May 2015 – Cira Carter, Docent

April 2015 – Beth Kersh, Educator

March 2015 – Teneesha Askew, Docent

February 2015 – Ryan Leto, Docent

January 2015 – Tim Hunter, Docent


December 2014 – Roger Spann, Educator

November 2014 – Mary Bain, Office Support/Master Gardener

October 2014 – Meghana Mulpuri, Junior Docent

September 2014 – Alex Malocha, Docent

August 2014 – Colleene Bosche, Summer Intern

July 2014 – Mary Maki, Grant Writer

June 2014 – Stephanie Marr, SVSU TE-100 Student

May 2014 – Ben Denay, MMCM Board of Directors

April 2014 – Deloitte Volunteers, Business/Group

March 2014 – Raquel Cortez, Outreach Volunteer

February 2014 – Maryanne Vollmer and Spencer, Family Volunteers

January 2014 – Barb Callard, Educator

December 2013 – BreUnna Sanders, Docent

November 2013 – Tyler Malo, Office Support/Docent