Master Gardeners “Spruce Up” the MMCM

For the past three years, Saginaw Valley Master Gardeners Sheila Hempsted, Jane Hannah, Janet I. Martineau and John Humphreys have transformed boring grass into three garden wonderlands at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, 315 West Genesee Avenue.

The garden project started in the Fall of 2008, during the annual Make a Difference Day project in which master gardeners play a role. Designer Hempsted and logistics manager Martineau were volunteers that day, and from that decided to “adopt” the museum as an ongoing/expanding garden project starting in the Spring of 2009. SVMGA funds, private donations and volunteer labor have assisted in the project.

The three gardens include: the Michigan Native Plant Bed, with nearly 25 species like ironweed, wild senna, nodding wild onion and prairie dock growing there; the Aunt Sugar’s Farm Garden, with old-fashioned flowers like daisies, hollyhocks, cosmos, snaps and zinnias, and the massive Flag Pole Bed, with trees, shrubs, Knock-Out Roses and five raised perennial beds echoing the color theme of the museum’s logo.