Outreach Program

It’s Shocking!

tesila coilOur It’s Shocking! outreach program is a 45-minute program designed to examine positive and negative charges and forces through magnets and static electricity. It involves simple explanations of positive and negative charges using magnets and basic static electricity experiments. Then, students will extend their knowledge of positive and negative charges with demonstrations on a Van de Graaff generator (static electricity generator). The cost for this program is $65 per session for up to 30 students. This program addresses Michigan GLCEs:

S.IP.E.1 Inquiry involves generating questions, conducting investigations, and developing solutions to problems through reasoning and observation.

S.IA.E.1 Inquiry includes analysis and presentation of findings that lead to future questions, research, and investigations.

P.EN.E.1 Forms of Energy: Heat, electricity, light, and sound are forms of energy.

P.EN.E.5 Electrical Circuits: Electrical circuits transfer electrical energy and produce magnetic fields.

Magnets: Magnets can repel or attract other magnets. Magnets can also attract other magnetic objects. Magnets can attract and repel at a distance.

To schedule an MMCM outreach, or for any questions, email our Reception Team at receptionist@michildrensmuseum.com, or call (989) 399-6626.


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