Education Values

Education ValuesIn developing the content of the exhibits, careful attention was paid to the Michigan Curriculum Framework, so that all exhibits are furthering the goals of formal education, in the best informal learning environment possible. Each exhibit gallery has associated Early Learning Standards, and has undergone age and gender studies. Additionally, they have been tested against Family Friendly Exhibit Characteristics. In addition, all the exhibit areas actively encourage early literacy experiences by fostering book and print awareness, a sense of story, and the motivation to read in a language-rich environment.

education valuesOverall, the environment will be both aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging. It will be safe and nurturing, a comfortable space for family learning and togetherness. Diversity is an important ingredient of the museum life, and is reflected throughout the museum. The exhibits and the environment itself will convey the message that this museum is a place for all people.

Visit our Teachers page for details on the correlations of exhibits and Michigan Curriculum Framework.

education values


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