Floor Plan

Floor Plan 2014

  • Simple scavenger hunt: Have your child locate different things in the maze. Can you find something soft? Bumpy? Rough? Something that makes noise?
  • Have your child navigate the maze and return to you. Ask your child to describe the route she took.
  • Ask our volunteers about an “aMazing game,” another scavenger hunt game to play in the maze.
  • Choose an object and push it through the flap in the entry box. What  happens?
  • Change the flap in the diverter box.  What happens?
  • Watch the balls and scarves? What happens as  they fall to the ground?
  • Can you catch the balls and scarves?
  • Creative art projects are available throughout the day at the childrens’ table with the blue chairs. Ask our volunteers what the art project is for the day.
  • Have your child create different shapes, letters or numbers with the red geo-boards.
  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe on one of the green chalkboards in the Art Mart.
  • Can your child find something that changes color with body heat?
  • Suggest a fruit tree: Have your child collect all of one fruit and have him place all pieces in the pockets on the trees to create a fruit tree.
  • Have your child sort fruits and vegetables in the market. Ask her if she can name them. Does your child know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?
  • Have your child set the table for the number of people in your family using plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons.
  • Build a car to race: use the Duplo blocks and magnetic cars to build a fast car. Place your car at the starting line, push the red button, and lift up the platform to start the race. Check your time at the finish line. Can you rebuild your car to make it faster?
  • Time your child as she attempts to rotate all four tires on the “real” cars.
The comfort station is available to comfort and nurse young children. The comfort station is located behind the cardiology station in “Insides Out”. 
  • Insides Out is divided into themed “offices:” Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Dental. Help your child notice the differences in each of these areas.
  • Show your child how to use the scale located in the Pediatrics area.
  • Assemble the Skeleton
  • Brush the teeth in the giant mouth and explain the importance of tooth care to your child.
  • Help your child test their vision by having her stand behind the black line on the carpet and read the eye chart.
  • Play patient: Have your child wear the lab coat and take care of you as the patient. Help your child figure out what’s wrong and help you feel better.
  • Ask your child to jump on the floor panels.  Watch the thermometer.  See how much energy/joules they generate
  • Check the video screen.  Compare watts produced by your child to the watts it takes to power common appliances
  • Read and compare the three different types of solar panels.  Where are they found in your neighborhood?
  • Use the solar swivel to turn the sun fixture on and off.
      A quieter area for toddlers is located in the fenced in area between the farm house and the trees in Aunt Sugar’s Farm. Here you will find toys specifically for children toddler age and younger.
      • Magnet-play: Encourage your child to make different shapes with the magnets. Can you make a face? A house? A dog?
      • See how high you and your child can get the balls to go on the air machine. How does the weight of the ball and amount of airflow effect the height?
      • At the conveyer belt, ask children to predict where the balls will land by placing the basket in that spot
      • Have your child find a puppet, located in the basket, and pretend to be that animal. Ask your child questions and have him answer as the puppet.
      • Find one object that will sink and one that will float. Show your child that some objects sink and some float. Take turns sinking and floating different toys. Have your child guess which toys will sink and which will float.
      • Use the tubes to divert the water into one of our colorful toy spinners.
      • Build– A-Bridge: help your child to construct a bridge over part of the water table using the white pipes