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Our engaging programs relate to the MMCM’s galleries and address the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core State Standards for children up to 12 years of age. A visit to the MMCM will provide families with unique, hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities that encourage communication and collaboration. The MMCM Play Educator can work with your family or group to design an age appropriate program or activity.

A Membership to The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum provides free general admission for a year.  Home school groups of 10 or more also qualify for reduced admission tickets when visits are pre-scheduled. For more information contact us at 989-399-6626.

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In addition to a scheduled visit to the Children’s Museum, special programs are available to heighten students’ visit. These 15-30 minute programs are designed to enhance the galleries through direct ties to school curricula and Michigan GLCEs. To schedule one of these programs during your visit to the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum or for any questions please contact our Play Educator, at playeducator@michildrensmuseum.com.

“Get Up and Grow” — In this hands-on activity, children will examine the needs of a plant as they piece together a flower and complete the activity by planting a flower to take home.

“Magnificent Magnets” — Children will discover the properties of magnets in relation to other objects, and the basics of magnetic poles. Children will participate in a magnetic scavenger hunt in the museum.

“It’s Shocking!” — Magnets and basic static electricity experiments will be utilized to explain positive and negative charges. Students will extend their knowledge of positive and negative charges with demonstrations on a Van de Graaff generator (static electricity generator).

“Matching Mammals” — Children will utilize the maze to review heredity by locating and matching pictures of adult animals to their offspring.

“Force and Free Fall” — (Available for smaller class sizes on slower days due to having to conduct part of the lesson in the galleries.) Children will examine the force of gravity on a variety of objects, create a parachute pal or helicopter, and discover exceptions to free fall with our air machine.

“Build-a-Biome” — Create a miniature environment in a baggie. Learn about the water cycle as you watch the water evaporate and condense in your very own miniature world.

“Sink or Float” — Explore the properties of objects as you test buoyancy in our water table. Children will test objects and make predictions as we drop various objects into the water table.

“Buoyant Boat” — Students will work in teams to create their own boat design using a variety of materials or learn to fold a paper boat. If the boat floats, students can then test how much weight their boat can hold.

“Playful Polymer” — Polymers can be fun, as children will find out when they make their own (in the form of silly slime) to play with. Students will learn what makes a polymer, the properties of polymers, and how polymers move.

“Dem Bones” — (Available for smaller class sizes on slower days due to having to conduct part of the lesson in the galleries.) Children will explore our life-sized skeleton with a story, learn about the major bones of the body, and match real x-rays to the skeleton.

“Dig It” — (Available for smaller class sizes on slower days due to having to conduct part of the lesson in the galleries.) Children will uncover bones just like a paleontologist in this simulated dig. Then, children will need to use the information they have to reconstruct the bones they have and determine to which animal the bones belong.

“Dig It: Archeology Edition” — Just like in the original “Dig It,” children will participate in a simulated dig to uncover items. This time children will find items left behind by a person. They will record the items found and collaborate to try to determine to whom the items belong and what kind of activities you would expect from that person.

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